Sustainable Design

We are among the leading structural engineering firms that promote sustainable and environmentally responsible design. Principles such as minimizing embodied energy, improving construction waste disposal practices, using recycled material, insuring that specified materials are recyclable, minimizing environmental impact on water and air resources, and improving indoor air quality, are studied and incorporated into our designs.

Building Envelope:

We are often called upon to assess the structural condition, stability, and adequacy of existing facades. We have performed these services on facades of many different sizes, constructed in all different materials. Under the local, state, and federal government agencies, as well as private owners, we assist architects in the preparation of comprehensive scoping reports that can be used for budgeting and scheduling of repair work

Structural Investigation:

We performs structural investigations of both historic and non-historic buildings and may be conducted for reasons of pathology: to determine if anything is wrong with an existing structure. Or they may be of a more forensic nature. Wee use all available technologies, from visual observation to sophisticated non-destructive techniques. The end result is a comprehensive study of the particular building or element under study.


New Construction:

New construction accounts for 60% of our entire workload. Our extensive experience with both historic and modern structures has taught us which technologies work best, and our understanding of both new and old construction is a tremendous asset to our design team and construction team. We are well versed in the use of all materials: steel, aluminum, concrete, wood, masonry, light gage metals, etc. We don't merely design to typical industry standards, but are willing to explore different systems, and interact effectively with the rest of the design team.

>> Structural Engineering
>>Foundation Design
>> Forensic Evaluation
>> Due Diligence Consulting
>> Land Use Planning
>> Site & Subdivision Design
>> Stormwater Management
>> Septic Design & Repair
>> Special Inspections
>> Shoring & Underpinning
>> Seawall & Marine Design